• latcham-feature

    Let Them Eat Cake: The Gross Food Porn of Craig Latchaw

    Somewhere between a punk-rock Harvey Kurtzman and R. Crumb guesting on “Top Chef” are Craig Latchaw’s gleefully gross gourmet recipes, fully seasoned with all the farmworker abuses, assembly-line injuries, product impurities, and accumulated factory filth that a capitalist food industry can churn out.

  • The_feast_feature

    The Feast

    On the heels of the American Thanksgiving holiday, Britain’s L.P. Lee delivers a timely — and richly told — fable of power and abuse, and asks uncomfortable questions about abundance, scarcity, appetite and satisfaction. Her work is exquisitely illustrated by UK artist Annie Ridd.

  • Slebodnick_feature2

    A Dream Library: The Art of David Slebodnick

    Youngstown, Ohio-based artist David Slebodnick pulls pages out of children’s books from dream libraries. When encountering these works one has the sense of holding a bound volume of them, accompanied by verse or some fabulous narrative to mark the borders between the wakeful day and sleep.

  • enigma russian stamp


    Boise, Idaho, author and reference librarian Grove Koger brings us this heady, moody, mythic bit of verse, to inspire your own musings.

  • fabulist_japanese_haiku_kanji

    In Our Hearts Risen

    What do you do with an android that malfunctions? The runaway replicants of Blade Runner might suggest one brutal fate, but Olga Zilberbourg’s Fabulist debut “In Our Hearts Risen” imagines a beautiful alternative.

  • featurehaddad

    The Bus Drawings: A 9/11 Survivor’s Diary

    9/11 survivor Thomas Haddad’s wildly diverse and phantasmagorical artworks have the mythic detailing of a tarot deck, and a sense of the grotesque that invokes underground comics, Ralph Steadman and Gerald Scarfe.